A '2-Step Paint Correction' is ideal for polishing out deeper imperfections in the paint such as heavy hazing or swirl marks and other imperfections. This process will remove more imperfections than the 1-Step Paint Correction. A Dual Action Polisher is utilized for the polishing process which ensures a safe and effective method for restoring a perfect finish to the paint. PRICING is based on vehicle SIZE and CONDITION Starting at $425.00 - $465.00 for small car (Coupe/Sedan) $465.00 - $525.00 for mid sized vehicle (Small Truck/SUV) $525.00 - $585.00 for large vehicle (Large Truck/Suburban) PLEASE READ - "Add to Package" is the price for the deposit costs associated with the service. The total cost of the service will be payed for after the detail service is complete! Deposit Amount:


About this Service


  • Stellar Hand Wash
  • Paint Decontaminated with Clay Bar and Iron Removal Process
  • Paint Prepped for Polishing
  • 2-Step Paint Correction with Polish/Compound
  • Apply Paint Sealant and/or Wax

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